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Family-Owned Ranch

The 6R Cattle Co is a family owned, first generation ranch located in South Central Kansas. It was started in 2014 by Jason and Abby Reinhardt with 5 cows and 1 bull, thus defining the name 6R. Their mission is to provide responsibly produced, high quality beef for their customers.   



Corriente cattle can be dated back to the late 1400's Spain. These smaller framed cattle are primarily bred for the sport of rodeo, but offer so much more. Corriente cattle are a hardy breed that is durable to withstand a multitude of terrain and climates, thus very adaptable. Their athletic body frame is optimal for lean red muscle development. Another attribute is their ability for reproductive fertility, trouble free calving and resistance to disease and parasite.


Most importantly, we feel the Corriente breed is leaner, healthier and more flavorful than the typical commercial breeds of cattle. 6R Corriente cattle are raised on native pasture grass and free choice to grain ration.  




Steak with Horns

  • 6R sells Corriente beef by the whole, half, or quarter.

  • Kansas Dept of Agriculture inspected processing facility used.

  • Typical 6R cattle weigh 900-1000lbs. 

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